Knowing Sears Employee Website

The Sears Holding Corporations is among the largest company in United States and Canada. They are in the line of department stores affiliated about 2,300 brands. It has a website which manages their large population of employees. The employees will be required to have their own account. Registration is done on the website for present and past employees of this company.

The Sears Benefits to the Employees

The employees of this company receive also their own benefits like any other companies offer.  You can apply at sears 88 website for the benefits not just for you but also for your family and domestic partners. But you need to be enrolled first on the website. The benefits you can find includes financial, health, life, disability plan, dental plan, prescription and many more.

  • HR Contacts. In the website, you can find the list of HR personnel plus their contact number anytime you need some inquiries to make.
  • Handbook. You can also browse the handbook from the company which you may download in PDF form.
  • W-2 Form. It is easy to complete this form online. This is for your retirement or pension plan.
  • Personal Updates. You might also update your private data online including contact info or address if you ever changed.
  • Compensation. The company also give compensation for those employees who deserves it. If you have a good performance, you can claim it on the website anytime.
  • Online Resources and Trainings. Once you are a new staff inside the company, you’ll discover correct coaching programs in the website. The types of materials can be use both offline and online.
  • Online Assistance. As a part of the firm, you could get online assistance in case you have some doubts about your status in the company or regarding the advantages to avail.

If you are a sears employee, register now on the website.