Obtaining CorrLinks Program Account

Loneliness is what kills a prisoner inside the jail. To ease this loneliness they want to talk to their loved ones as much as possible. But what if they are assigned to a far facility? Visitation might now be the always option when you want to talk to them. That is why CorrLinks email program is created for inmates. With a cheap subscription fee, they can send emails and add contacts on the people they wanted to reach. Here are more details that you should know more about the program:image 2

Registration Step of CorrsLink Program

  1. You need to have an invitation email from the CorrLinks program containing the Identification Code.
  2. If you have the code, you will just select the Register link at the homepage and then New Users.
  3. Enter the email address currently you are using. Compose also a password for your CorrLinks account for security. Enter now the Identification code you have received in the invitation email from the admin.
  4. You are now done with the application and wait for 30 minutes to be approved.
  5. After approval, you can now sign in with your account details.

How to Use the Account You Made?

  1. If you want to add an inmate, you should know their number.
  2. The Federal Inmate has numbers that you can add in your contact list that requires Identification code to continue with the process.
  3. When you are now ready to send an email, you can proceed to Mailbox. Click the New Message button you found there. You can now start composing your message.
  4. To get message alert every time someone emailed you, just visit “Account Management” and then “Manage my inmate list”. Just check the Email Alert and you can now receive emails.

Visit Corrlinks.com sign in page now and manage your account and send emails anytime.