How to Pay for College?

Students are offered financial help by the government if they are having hard time paying for their tuition fees. There are also institution who help such as Pell grant. There are called federal student aid which consists of three categories including grant, loan and work-study. Each depends on what fits for you. Get to know each financial aid here.

Federal Work-Study. The government offers student a part-time position of their chosen field if you can balance work and study at the same time. This is in order to assist to your education costs payment.
The Benefits:

  • The funds you may acquire won’t just handle your university fees while attending school and also your obligations when studying.
  •  It won’t have an effect on your financial assistance position which supplies you with the privilege to use either education loan or grants.

Federal Loans. You can pay your tuition monthly through student loan that is offered by the government to the Department of Education. The advantage with it can be less costly between other school loans with cheap and fixed interest that doesn’t go up every year.
The Benefits:

  • You can take shape a good credit score that could be valuable when registering for a second loan.
  • Federal Perkins Loan and Subsidized Stafford Loan are paid out through federal government.

Federal College Grants. If you might be chosen one of the many students, you can be blessed to obtain this type of scholarship on the government. Some institution also help with this such as Pell grant. It is just a guide which will cover your educational costs without having to pay back the money.
The Benefits:

  • The money you can get is usually up to $2,445 per year.
  • Some colleges might also give grants to their college students from government.


Now you have known the three categories of federal student aid. You can now choose among the three but first make sure you completed your FAFSA.

Why or Why Not Apply for Student Loan?

There are many students out here having financial problems when going to college. Their parents might not have the money to cover up the expensive fees and expenses of going to college. There are many available financial aids that a student can count on. Scholarships and grants are among the first option of the students.  This is because these types of financial aids do not require repayment. But it is hard to get. That is why student loan is another option. This post will tell you more about this option. But does it bring good to student? Is it a worthy sacrifice just to finish your study? You can weigh things after reading the pros and cons of obtaining student loans.


Having a good education background can open you up for more opportunity of jobs. Therefore, having a good education makes your future more powerful. That is why having a student loan can be an advantage to you when you want to secure your future such as the Wells fargo loans.

  1. This type of loan is very easy to apply and very conventional for students because they have flexible and good terms.
  2. The lenders give lower interest rates as they understand the student’s situations.
  3. Student can pay back the loan after graduation.
  4. Payment method can be flexible. You can pay the loan in longer time.
  5. Help you spare a little on income tax while still on the payment mode.


Some of the students who borrow loans do not fully understand the responsibility and the credits involved in this matter. Having a loan means this is a serious commitment to the lenders.

  1. There are lenders who provide loans not suited to the needs of the student.
  2. Students do not understand what are the risks involved in this commitment.
  3. Do not know how to negotiate to have more flexible terms.

These are the pros and cons of having student loans. It is your choice if this will be your financial aid.

The Ecampus Online Program Degree Review

Want to go back to school? But could not quit your job? Online program degree is the solution to your problem. University of Phoenix offers this program to you, for those people who cannot afford to go to school because their schedules do not permit them. Through, you can work at your own time at your own pace. That is what University of Phoenix aims for. What you need now is some review of university of phoenix on what you can get in this school. What will you experience and what is not good about it? You can read all below:

The Good News:
1. The University of Phoenix online concentrates on the non regular way of instructing. They believe that you’ve got an occupied daily life. People who have works can fit in this way of schedules.
2. They do not need the rigid entrance prerequisites and does not need entrance examination. Those college students who weren’t successful on high school can have the second possible opportunity to be on college.
3. The classes are much more about real-world activities and on the job.
4. You could get together with individuals that are also aligned upon your program which are older that could be a good networking source of possibilities.

The Bad News:
1. The institution marketed the team effort which fits well of the majority of with the students. However can you imagine if there are many who aren’t within this kind of style? This may be a disadvantage on that college student.
2. The quick pace of teaching of University of Phoenix online does not work for all.
3. The environment and also the experience to be on traditional school are forfeited despite the fact that there are numerous adult students who are able to deal with the Ecampus.