Different Services People Offer

People offer different services a part of their business or work. You can find many services in a community and some are even free. When you go to a restaurant, you are served by a waiter right?  This is one of the types of services that are part of their business. If you want to be served, you need to pay. You can also be served for free and this service is called volunteer service. This type is only given for those who are in great needs or have gone through a disaster. Here in this article, you can learn few of them.
a.    Direct Service. This type requires personal contact with people who need service. You can get a feedback immediately on this type after you did serving. Direct service teaches you to become more responsible of your action because it happens on real time. To pleas e a customer you need to render good service.
b.    Indirect Service. This type of service is done by some of the organization where they do service behind a scene. You give service but not in contact with the one you are serving.
c.    Advocacy. This type of service is sometimes free. You put some effort for those who are needed in order to help. You can also showcase your talent on a specific problem to make people be aware about what is going on and be aware of the public problem.
d.    Community research. Some people conduct survey or research about certain problems in the community and create a solution about it. They conduct a research on the problem, example poverty, and why there is poverty. This also helps the awareness of the problem on the public and calling their attentions.
So, which service do you give to the community or people?